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Postnatal Recovery

You have this wonderful little bundle. Everyone is "ooohing" and "aaahhing" over this precious miracle... Are you silently wondering if you will ever feel "normal" in your lady bits or around your midsection again...

Episiotomy or C Section Scar

Julie can speed the healing of  your special bits from a natural tear or direct incision. Using gentle manual skills to mobilize and soften the scar, modalities of ultrasound, Bemer Physical Vascular Technology, essential oils and electrical stimulation can help heal your tissues with optimal mobility, function, flexibility, and relief from pain. Often there is trauma or scar tissue in the muscles around the entrance to the vagina and the external anal sphincter complex which when never fully addressed can lead to painful intercourse, pain with defecation, fecal schmearing, etc. A C-section scar can limit the ability of the abdominal muscles and visceral organs (bladder or uterus) to slide and glide interfering with their function, which leads to back pain and poor core engagement with daily activities or exercise. This is resolvable with gentle focused manual therapy.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehab

Your pelvic floor muscles have spent 9 months supporting constantly growing weight and pressure, and finally a huge 250% stretch in their length during delivery. It's time to gently help them recover, bring those tissues back together, get your strength back, restore sensation, and resolve any little or large leaks which may be springing from either urinary or fecal loss. 


DRA- Diastasis Recti Abdominis

Having troubles sitting up from bed? Feel like your stomach jiggles from the inside too much when you laugh? 

Sometimes your abdominal muscles can pull away from their attachment to the midline ligament causing a separation known as DRA.  Doing crunches will only make it worse. Stop doing crunches and start creating tension where it needs to be - in those deep lower abdominals. Therapeutic exercise, Kiniseotaping, neuromuscular re-education and manual therapy will help you restore the always overlooked fascial components of the DRA, strength,  and confidence in your core. 


Carrying a growing baby both inside you or outside on your hip can take a toll on your shoulders, back, pelvis, hips, and more. Poor breastfeeding positions and postures can often contribute to postural dysfunction and muscle imbalances which lead to pain. Whether you had a traumatic delivery, slowly worsening pain which didn't resolve after delivery, or other nerve or tissue damage- let the Lady Bits therapist make your healing journey full of support, love, encouragement and relief. 

Is my pelvis still open after birth? Often the answer is yes, which leads to common right sided low back pain, left hip pain when sleeping on your side at night, and tight pelvic floor muscles that don’t work like they used to. Do you feel short of breath or low levels of anxiety? Often the internal organs get squished up into the diaphragm by the baby and they don’t always slide back down restricting breathing and flaring the ribs out. All these problems can be gently resolved often in just one visit.


After engorgement or any time during the breast feeding period some woman experience mastitis. In this state, the milk ducts are blocked and become swollen, tender, and may feel hot or appear pinkish. This creates a very painful and frustrating situation for mom and difficult feeding for the baby. Ultrasound, gentle heat and therapeutic massage are very effective in relieving the painful blocked ducts and restoring improved flow. 


Ready to Run Yet? 

If you are woman warrior - be warned! Your body hasn't quite recovered from everything it's been through. Know your limits, return to your favorite exercise routine safely, and know how to protect your lady bits from damage as you get back into your active life. Half of all moms experience pelvic organ prolapse after delivery. Know where your pelvic floor stands before you jump back into those jumping jacks, running routine or crossfit.