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Helping you get your bits "back to normal" with skilled physical therapy, love, compassion, and education. 

Welcome to Lady Bits Physical Therapy.  This is not your typical physical therapy office. This is the place where we talk about everything 'down there' you don't normally share with your friends. The first step is taking shame or embarrassment out of the subject. Lets be real ladies- our moms never really told us the details of what goes on down there. We are often left wondering, "what's normal?" when it comes to our lady bits.

What is a pelvic floor? It is 3 layers of muscles and fascia that are designed to provide support to your pelvis and organs, control sphincteric actions- think pee and poo, sexual functioning, stabilize the pelvis during all movements, pump lymph fluids, and have an integral role in posture and breathing.

The pelvic floor muscles, surrounding tissues and joints are constantly adapting to the changing demands and forces in our bodies. Whether you're pregnant or postpartum, battling menopause or cancer, recovering from gynocological surgeries, constipated or springing a leak, feeling the constant need to pee, or having pelvic, hip or low back pain-there is a never ending list of events that can traumatize your bits. Rehabilitating your pelvic floor muscles and all the supportive structures around them is where we begin. Your physical therapy journey will include skilled manual therapy with loving intention and compassion, education, therapeutic exercises, modalities of ultrasound, Bemer Physical Vascular Technology, biofeedback, optional essential oils and more designed to get you and your pelvic floor "back to normal". The office is designed to feel less clinical, offering a cozy healing space to ease and enhance your journey.  


Julie Kwong, MPT

Hello! I am the owner and primary therapist for Lady Bits Physical Therapy. I grew up in northern California's beautiful Humboldt County filled with huge trees, and loving parents who supported my love of playing the harp from the age of 9. In my early 20's I suffered a serious back injury and many years of chronic pain. Thanks to my brother, a skilled physical therapist, I experienced true pain relief and a renewed belief in my body's ability to heal. Having already obtained a music and biology degree from Holy Names University in 2005, I headed back to graduate school at CSU Long Beach, graduating in 2012. I have since worked in general orthopedics and skilled nursing with Alzheimer's Care before dedicating my career to serving women. I am honored and dedicated to work with every lady trusting me with her special bits. Having experienced pelvic floor dysfunction myself, I can relate to your experiences, frustrations, pains, and feelings of isolation. As I learn and grow as a therapist (because a good therapist never stops learning) I will always seek to improve my skills and knowledge so that every woman I treat can have the very best that she deserves. 

Specialized Courses Attended:

Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute:

Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment:

Level 1, 2A, 2B, and Series Capstone 

Peripartum Special Topics

Mobilization of the Visceral Fascia: The Urinary System

Mobilization of the Visceral Fascia: The Reproductive System

Physical Therapy Treatment for the Breast and Oncology Patient

Low Pressure Fitness and Abdominal Massage for the Pelvic Floor: Certified Level 1 Instructor

Barral Institute:

Neural Manipulation NM1: Neuromeningeal Manipulation

Neural Manipulation NM2: Peripheral Nerve Manipulation Upper Body

Neural Manipulation NM3: Lower Body

Institute for Birth Healing:

Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body

Advanced Treatment of the Postpartum Body

International Hypopressive Institute: Level 3 Hypopressive Trainer