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Painful Intercourse

There are several factors that contribute to painful intercourse, many of which can be improved with pelvic floor physical therapy. No amount of pain is normal with intercourse.  Be honest with yourself,  "does it ever hurt?" because the answer should be no. Lady Bits therapist will help you understand your anatomy and improve the control of your pelvic floor muscles with specific exercises, education, biofeedback  and a unique home program to help your reach your goals. 

Dyspareunia: Painful vaginal penetration in absence of disease. 

Vaginismus: Inability to have vaginal penetration, spams of the muscles despite a woman's desire to have intercourse. 

Pain with Initial Penetration

Your pelvic floor muscles may by "hypertonic", always turned on without you realizing it, or shortened and tight. Your medical history, breathing patterns, pooping patterns, stress, lubrication and understanding of the body's natural function may all interfere with pleasurable intercourse. Pelvic floor muscles go through big changes after having babies and while breastfeeding, during and after menopause,  even effects of certain medications can change our vaginal tissue health, lubrication, and flexibility which may all lead to pain.


Pain with Deep Penetration

Do you ever feel like your partner has hit your back wall? Or, does it feel like your cervix is getting beat up? Feeling limited in your physical positioning because of pain with deep penetration?  Your pelvic floor muscles may have a lot to do with those symptoms. Learn how to relax those muscles, how to safely stretch those muscles and restore their normal length, and learn if any of your bladder or bowel habits are contributing to your pain.