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Bossy Bladder

Do you have bathroom radar? Habitually identifying the closest bathroom everywhere you go?

Overactive Bladder

Also called OAB, 

Living with increased urinary urgency and or frequency with feelings of incomplete bladder emptying can control your life.  This can occur during the day, interrupting meetings, movies, and road trips; or at night causing valuable loss of sleep which spills into compounding fatigue over time.  Symptoms of urgency and frequency may be present with or without pelvic pain, and are not uncommon while transitioning through menopause.  Common medical treatments include anti-cholenergic medications which have their own fun list of side effects. 

Our therapist will assess you as a whole person considering all the variables from fluid intake, bowel habits (yes, that really does matter!), breathing patterns, trigger points, postural alignment and of course your pelvic floor! Your pelvic floor may be a little overactive itself, causing waves of energy stimulating your bladder all day- and night- long. Often an overactive, hypertonic, or tight pelvic floor will result in feelings of urinary urgency, frequency, and incomplete bladder emptying. 

Your very first visit will include education on urge suppression techniques and a plan specific to your body and needs to get you out of that bathroom.