Growing a life inside of you is a miracle, but sometimes it comes with unwanted surprises of pain, incontinence, and fear of the unknown. Julie is here to support you with education, pelvic floor and abdominal muscle preparation, and encouragement for a safe, calm, and painless experience. 

Education in safe exercises or modification of your favorite current exercise program throughout each stage of pregnancy. 

Preventing and treating pain caused by your changing body.

Does your crotch hurt? Do you wince and curse every time you roll over in bed? Shooting pain down the back of your leg? Pelvic pain with walking or standing up from a chair? You don't have to live with those painful symptoms until delivery.

Pelvic floor physical therapy includes considering all the relationships between your joints, ligaments, and muscles connecting from the feet up and the shoulders down- to your pelvis. Your center of gravity is changing, your body is adapting, ligaments and muscles are stretching- but that doesn't mean it has to hurt. 

Julie will guide you through gentle exercises and provide manual therapy to keep you balanced and supported as your body grows. Treating, Preventing and Managing common musculoskeletal challenges:

  • Round ligament pain. As your uterus grows it stretches the ligament which can cause very sharp pains in your labia (what! no one told you about this lovely part of preganacy?!)  with transitional movements which can often be resolved in a single visit. 
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Petellofemoral Dysfunction
  • Hip Pain, Foot Pain
  • Lower Extremity Nerve Dysfunction
  • Trunk and Spine Pain: Headaches, Neck pain, Jaw pain, Diastasis Recti, SI pain, Rib pain, Symphysis Pubis dysfunction, Back pain, Coccyx pain, Pelvic Ring dysfunction
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Incontinence.

Learn how to control and relax your pelvic floor muscles before you get to the delivery room.

Don't go into labor confused and fearful about how you are going to pass your big little miracle through a very small passageway.  Your body is designed to successfully create life - as long as you don't get in the way.  The therapist at Lady Bits PT will teach you how to control your body's stress and pain levels during labor - helping to prevent the pain-stress- fear-spasm cycle which can throw you into uncontrolled pain at the very moment when you need to be a zen master of your pelvic floor muscles. Using safe biofeedback, gentle preparatory stretches leading up to delivery, and diligent practice of your new control ahead of time- you will enter your labor space with confidence and complete control of letting go when and where you need to- which can decrease the risk of tearing your precious lady bits and increase the ease of the delivery process.  You can bring your partner to these appointments, as both of you will be instructed in techniques and positions to decrease pain during labor, optimal positions for pushing to prevent tears and pelvic organ prolapse, and other great techniques to help your labor progress smoothly with less pain.   

Learn early how to kegel correctly before the big event.  

Keep your pelvic floor strong throughout pregnancy to prevent incontinence or dysfunction.  Your lady bits are getting stretched with increasing pressure and weight leading up to delivery. You may experience incontinence, a little leak here and there, or you might not. Either way, it's a great time to learn how to correctly kegel BEFORE those muscles get their BIG STRETCH. Understanding how to engage your pelvic floor before delivery will speed and enhance their recovery, and yours, after delivery.